Search Engine 101: Keywords

Posted on February 2, 2012


Understanding the role and importance of keywords in the search process is the first step in optimizing content for search engines.

Keywords are basically what a user types into a search engine. If you were looking to find out about the Florida primary for the Republican presidential candidate, you wouldn’t type in ‘Which Republican presidential candidate won the Florida primary?” You would simply type in “Republican Florida primary.” Those are your keywords.

Targeting keywords for your specific content consists of both internal and external considerations. First, by considering your content, you will determine what specifically will draw, attract and keep people to your content. Secondly, you can use a variety of resources to see what are the most popular and effective keywords people are using on search engines.

Google Keyword Tools give great insight not only into the effectiveness of certain keywords, but also ideas of other keywords to consider.

I am looking forward to discussing this in more depth in the coming posts this week, but the real work comes after identifying keywords. Strategic placement of keywords in headlines, meta tag descriptions, links and within your content will allow for search engines to more easily find and promote your work.

For example, I know that the keywords I want to associate with this post are “SEO” and “Keywords,” which I have placed into this post’s URL (see above URL bar).




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