Unconventional Link-Building Strategies

Posted on March 1, 2012


Previously, we looked at the importance of linking in SEO and some good ideas for link-building, but in order to get ahead of the competition, one may need to adopt some unconventional, creative methods.

I ran across this neat article from the Search Engine Journal that lists 13 unconventional link building techniques that most entrepreneurial journalists or bloggers could take away a few ideas from.

These, especially, stood out as potential SEO-boosting ideas for news or blog websites:

Get listed with the library

A library website would be considered one of the most “trusted” websites by search engines, and a link from them would go a long way. Libraries may not be willing to be handing out links left and right, but if your website has informational, news-worthy content, the library may be willing to put up a link for its patrons.

Host a giveaway

This one may take a modest initial investment, but a gift card could motivate many to link to your site. Not only would giveaways attract more viewers, but it could also buy some backlinks. Spending $20 on a gift card could really boost your positioning in search results, all while engaging with more viewers and sites.

Set up a guest-speaking gig

For journalists and bloggers especially, this would be a great way to spread your message, all while adding a few links to your collection. Writing about a specific topic would especially lend itself well to giving a presentation, and correctly marketing it online would help bring people to the presentation while boosting your SEO ranking.

Build an app

An app is what a website was in the ’90s, and if it fits what you’re doing, you should definitely get an app. Obviously, an app may not make sense for smaller operations, but the growing app community not only makes it easier than ever to create one, but it would also mean that creating an app could bring quite a bit of attention and links.

Interview the experts

I especially like this idea for small scale operations – like this one! Chances are you’ll be able to find experts in whatever field you are reporting on that would be willing to have a short phone interview, and if they are a respected expert, then most likely they will have a “trusted” internet presence that would be a quality link to have. I’d definitely like to put this to action in the coming weeks, so be on the look out for it!

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I also ran across this neat infographic from LinkBuilding.nl that puts link-building in a different light. Worth checking out!