Google Analytics: First Steps

Posted on March 15, 2012


While I finish up my undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois, I’ve decided to keep my higher education going elsewhere as I learn more about SEO and web analytics — specifically at Google’s to learn more about Google Analytics.

Google has put together a great setup of video and presentation tutorials that walk you through Google Analytics, and I’ll be navigating my way through and documenting it all on here.

I just began their “First Steps” section, and the initial introduction takes a simple overarching look at the purpose and function of Google Analytics. According to the tutorial, Google Analytics shows how users find and use your site, allowing you to “make more informed site and content decisions.”

Google Analytics is a JavaScript code that uses first-party cookies to send information to Google when activated. This has implications on possible errors, as both JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled and functioning.

Additionally, the introduction shared the data confidentiality of Google Analytics. Google Analytics does not collect or report on personally identifiable information or share Analytics and information with third parties. Google staff may access your permission only with your permission.

There was a good amount of information packed into the five-minute presentation, and I’m looking forward to the 20 remaining tutorials to go!