Follow up: What Google’s planned changes mean to us

Posted on March 23, 2012


Recently, I posted about how Google’s new planned changes, specifically about how it plans on targeting overly optimized sites.

Though we don’t entirely know what the changes will exactly look like or how extensive they will be, it never is to early to consider how this could effect web content, specifically news-based reporting.

The good news, for online news sites, is that not too much should change — at least according to Business 2 Community’s Frank Isca.

In view of the upcoming changes, Isca writes that the two main tips for web sites are to create specific content for your readers (rather than search bots) and to create compelling content that is “useful, interesting and relevant to your target’s interests.”

If anything, these changes are a good reminder for online news sites about what makes them so attractive to search engines (in this case, Google) in the first place — which is that these sites create new, specific, in-demand content for readers. I anything, SEO is just an attempt to maximize off of that. The new planned changes makes it sound like they will be an incentive for sites not to overload content with keywords, rather using keywords and meta data to accurately portray and reflect the content.

The key, as HubSpot says, is to use SEO strategies to make it easier for search bots to crawl your site, not make your site misleadingly shoot up the rankings.