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Newspapers, Internet headed in opposite directions

April 18, 2012


It’s no secret that newspapers are giving way to the Internet, but it’s that much more startling to see just how fast this is happening — and it makes it that much more important for journalists and reporters to understand how to publish online. LinkedIn and the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) teamed up to examine […]

Follow up: What Google’s planned changes mean to us

March 23, 2012


Recently, I posted about how Google’s new planned changes, specifically about how it plans on targeting overly optimized sites. Though we don’t entirely know what the changes will exactly look like or how extensive they will be, it never is to early to consider how this could effect web content, specifically news-based reporting. The good […]

Uh Oh for SEO: Google looking to punish too much SEO

March 22, 2012


News slowly — and then quickly — spread from SXSW last week that Google is planning a new system of search ranking that would recognize and penalize sites that are overly optimized for search. Understandably, there was a collective “gulp” from SEO experts and the entire SEO industry that could be heard all around the digital […]

Generating Interest: Controversial Topics

March 1, 2012


My professor passed along the Forbes article “Trolling the Internet with ‘If I Were A Poor Black Kid’” and it made me consider the role of controversial news topics and how they fit into page views and search engine optimization. In the article, Kashmir Hill discusses the existence of “pressure points” in the Internet, which […]