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Taking advantage of Google Analytics for web journalists

April 19, 2012


I’ve been slowly wading through the uses and benefits of Google Analytics, and I’ve definitely found that there is much more than meets the eye — especially for web journalists. The technology blog Hellbound Bloggers recently listed 15 uses of Google Analytics that most consumers may not know about, and I found that a handful […]

Google’s Richard Gingras’s eight themes for the future of journalism

April 13, 2012


When it comes to creating news content that is web-friendly, it doesn’t get much better than picking the mind of Google. The recent TechRanking 2012 featured remarks from Google’s head of news products Richard Gingras, who spoke of how journalists need to rethink how news content is being architected and produced. His prepared remarks were […]

Google Analytics: Working with Reporting Data

April 3, 2012


As we begin going through the Google Analytics tutorials again, the site now has gone through a facelift, which I find easier to navigate, while the new video player is much more frustrating to use. The next tutorial — “Working with Reporting Data” — now has a second, much more monotone and less enthusiastic narrator. […]

Follow up: What Google’s planned changes mean to us

March 23, 2012


Recently, I posted about how Google’s new planned changes, specifically about how it plans on targeting overly optimized sites. Though we don’t entirely know what the changes will exactly look like or how extensive they will be, it never is to early to consider how this could effect web content, specifically news-based reporting. The good […]

Pursuit of Pageviews: The Christian Science Monitor

March 15, 2012


I ran across a great article from the Niemann Journalism Lab about a newspaper that willfully and successfully adopted a “web-first mantra” that ultimately saved the newspaper’s operations during a nervous time of uncertainty and innovation. Facing serious budget cuts and plummeting circulation in 2008, the Christian Science Monitor was fortunate enough to have forward-thinking […]

Researching Keywords

March 8, 2012


We’ve talked about the importance of keywords, and you’ll need a healthy list of go-to keywords to apply in all fields of SEO. So how does one go about compiling this list? Search Engine Journal and Promodo have a great infographic that breaks down the steps involved in a easy-to-follow visual format. Many of the […]

Unconventional Link-Building Strategies

March 1, 2012


Previously, we looked at the importance of linking in SEO and some good ideas for link-building, but in order to get ahead of the competition, one may need to adopt some unconventional, creative methods. I ran across this neat article from the Search Engine Journal that lists 13 unconventional link building techniques that most entrepreneurial journalists or […]